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We all have one, or a handful of  that.

Yes, we have a mission in life. That’s what I believe.  We may not ever recognize it but as each day unfolds, we are directed for a life’s purpose,  for a mission.a complaint free world

Just the other day, a very inspiring and motivational friend struck me again with his words of encouragement. I simply notice a purple bracelet on his right hand,  I was about to ask because I’ve never seen him wear such a thing since I met him. But the conversation flow about so many things led me to ignore the thought of asking. Until we were led to be talking about inspiring things in life,  just before we parted ways he gave me this purple bracelet, he put on my left hand and told me that the moment I complain, I transfer it to my other hand. Then it would make me more aware how often I complain in a day. Wow! what a wonderful awareness!

The bracelet is engraved with A Complaint Free World.org. Whoever thought about this thing,  is really blessed to have a mission in life.  My friend told me that we all have a mission and our mission is to change the world”.

Dreamer as he maybe, but who among us never dreamed of a happy world around  us?

Whatever we do, wherever we are, let us wear that purple bracelet not just in our hands , but in our hearts. That makes  one of our mission to ourselves.

Here’s to your purple-blessed day! (~_~)


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No rush…nothing much to do…tomorrow’s holiday …and so most of the plans is to go somewhere…too near…or far away…but I believe..what matters most is… —this:

…you captured the moment, and you’re enjoying it.

I may have missed the plan of going to a Sunday mass today…but being with my family (my husband, my kids, my parents, nephews and niece, and my in-laws)… those bonding moments with them..is also feeling the love of the Divine.

Family bonding is…the presence of God.

What a blessed Sunday!(~_~)

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A very dear friend was walking along the grassfield suddenly noticed this heart-shaped stone. Maybe soon to be a part of the “proposal garden” spot in her private resort.

Heart in A Paradise

At times, in our life, we get this feeling that we wanted to quit..we wanted to change the path we are presently heading on. It was during those times that we ask too many questions…and we just can’t find the answers. We keep walking…slowly…unsure of every step. Those are the moments that we feel we just needed a friend, and it was during those times that God sent me a  very special friend, in soul, and in spirit, and He sent me a message which made me realized things clearly.My friend and I know a special chemistry of a true friendship is flourishing. We may not be at all times seeing each other, nor sending notes through this new techy world…..we both know in our hearts our friendship continuously communicates through the boundless space of His creation.

It’s great privilege for me that this friend of mine shared to me one of her dreams in helping humanities explore the goodness of life through the gift of nature.

We are all blessed!

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