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It’s been a while and so many small and big blessings came that they were so many I had a hard time to choose which ones to post. So I decided, I pause for a while and just meditate on those blessings and post them later. To start again…one of the those many blessings is the union of my brother and his behalf.  It was the first time for our family to attend a Christian  wedding and the event has touched the hearts of the family and the guests as well.  Tears of joy overflowed and filled our hearts with smiles.

The wedding tells us that only two words is the most important words to be heard at that time, but those two words will create too many blessings for everyone around. Blessings of joy, of fun, of bonding, of peace, of happiness and assurance that all is well…and that blessed moment is lifted up to Him.  Oh,  what a multiple blessings!

Here’s to your blessed dreams!
and Congratulations to JepNie!


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“…when problems come our way..we fuss, fume, and frown at the daily difficulties–not knowing that a few years later, many of these problems will become our greatest blessings.
All it takes is God–and a little bit of time.”

This is an excerpt from the book of Bo Sanchez Thank God He’s Boss.

I’ve read that line already the other night but it didn’t touch my heart that much as it did last night when I opened again the book and my eyes landed first thing on that same page.

Yes, last night  was an extra blessed night. I’ve finally found out the owner of  that crumpled paper with Godwhispers  on it . https://essenceofblessings.wordpress.com/2010/06/04/whispers-inside-a-crumpled-paper/ I thanked her for that and told her that she was used by God for me to received a daily gift of God’s wisdom through email. I had a great talk with Mona last night, she’s been an angel in disguise. And it happened again.

All of us have some challenges in life .  I shared mine. She said , it is  God’s blessing to me. Slowly on my way to dreamland last night, I was digesting what she had just said, and I realized , it is so true. Because if not of that challenge or our  Goliath (as Bo said), I wouldn’t be seeking for a more spiritual answers to the challenges of life, I wouldn’t have found out about Bo who has great teachings about God and led me back to my spiritual space in a better sitting position so that I’ll be able to have a better view of my Creator, I wouldn’t be able to find out about the angel that God has used to let me know more about Him, and for the second time, He used her again to tell me something  very important, that God has given me a great blessing . It was just covered unjustly, ugly, and so petty, so that when the time has come for me to find out of that blessing, that it will a very joyful moment of realization. which was last night.

I thank God for His love, for his blessings, for His Angel in disguise.  My Goliath is God’s blessing to me.

What a blessed night!(~_~)

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Stress“…..not too many can recognize they are already on this state. I give credit to those who can see themselves they are already on the edge of feeling this way and find ways to prevent its outbreak on their system.

Awareness is the first step to our healing. I met a couple just recently who humbly told me they’ve been noticing that stress is already getting its toll on them and they’re on their way to find the path to avoid it and prevent it to keep on coming.  On that day, that very special morning, we gathered together for a meditation. We felt so peaceful, calm and so safe in the arms of our breath…..it created an extra ordinary wonderful day.

What a nice way to be used by God as a guide for this nice couple as they’re learning about meditation. We spiritually enjoyed the moments of silence, the moments of being aware of our breathing and the moments of appreciation for our  senses.

For every meditation, this is what the process brings us:

  • silence… from our mixed, confused thoughts
  • awareness….to our breathing, to our senses, to a wonderful present moment
  • peace...from our raging hearts
  • and freedom…from the cage of stress

What a blessed day! (~_~)

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It all started six months ago when I was looking for a scratched paper to write on something I just need to make sure that I won’t forget, I can’t seem to  find one  when I stumbled upon a crumpled paper and I have no choice but to use it. I’m amazed to see what’s inside…it’s a gem of  great spiritual insights!  It then asked me that if I wanted to read more, I send an email to GodwhispersClub@gmail.com for subscription. I was so glad I did , I’m now regularly receiving a delightful Divine message  through that site. Something nice to remind me again each day , i’m blessed in many simple ways.

Then, God is really whispering. I came across the site of Bo Sanchez http://www.bosanchez.ph/ , he’s a bestselling author and a millionaire missionary. I liked it very much ( especially his tips on being financially abundant while being spiritually nourished…well, who wouldn’t want it? ) So I shared it to my sisters and just the other week, one of my sisters shared to me some of  Bo’s books she’s been gratefully reading for sometime.

Wow! this is how God whispers. (~_~)

What a blessed day!

P.S. I’ve included Bo’s website to my “Blessed Sites” You may check it out there.

Blessings! (~_~)

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My daughter, she’s a blessing to me. Her voice is a blessing to her.

Grateful to be blessed!

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Sometimes in life, there are situations that we don’t feel like being engaged with, but we just have to face it because we are bound by the laws of work and ethics.  As I was having my breakfast this morning, a friend joined me and we had a fruitful conversations about life’s situations. She is just a very simple person but packed with wisdom she holds forever that made her a woman with great pride for whoever she is. This is what I learned from her today, a wisdom she learned from her father:

“We are here for everyone, because God used any of them to bring you to where you are now. Whoever comes to your life today, in any situation or event, he is there for a reason.”—Ate Sarah





What a blessed morning with Ate Sarah!


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Holistic has been a stereotype word used nowadays, however I can’t help myself  but use this in describing the place I’ve been last Easter Sunday.            

Borne of intense desire and a genuine sense of gratitude, as fulfilled couple, we’d love to take every remaining opportunity that life can  offer to give back the abundance we have enjoyed.”—-as what the owners say.            

Holistic means a harmony between the mind, body and soul. and this is what you would feel when you’re at the Terra Manna -Camping and Resort http://www.terramannaresort.ph/. The scenery invites anyone to have a peaceful mind, the nature itself  revitalizes the body and the owner’s spirit of love and passion to share is enough to enlighten the soul.            

the landscape            

The owner herself participated in the design and cultivation of the organic soil in this beautiful landscape with wild and rare flowers from various part of the country.            

mini-Great Wall            

This side is a representation of Asia, as you stroll around the steps created and inspired in the likeness of the famous Great Wall of China…it’s a mini resemblance.            


The Mandala Wishing Well– Its story goes like this: wishing well            

Something on this part was difficult to demolish, so the owner decided to just make this one …… a wishing well, in the midst of a beautiful green landscape. When I was here, I picked up a petal of flower and made it a contribution to the many petals placed together in this beautifully handicraft floral mandala. As i do it, I made my wish. It’s there, with nature, and bound to happen.            

proposal bench with the heartshape stone

The proposal bench with the heart-shaped stone


This is a case of serendipity. The owner was walking along the grassfield until she suddenly noticed this heart-shaped stone….and she said, it’s a nice proposal area, so she put a bench in front of it.            


Some flight of steps like this was named after the person who devoted time and effort building the staircase, with two separate ends, allowing you to choose the path whichever way you want to go.            

couple of tree


A very beautiful view when you’re standing at the owner’s favorite spot. For me this view reflects a couple , or a companionship, with a friend, family, and with God.             

“Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. whatever challenges right now we’re facing, God is always faithful to help us.”


A sunset view sunset in Badianthat reminds us, at the end of the day, God is always worth praising for all the great things He has done for us.            

It’s always a blessed day!      

For more details, check out  Terra Manna Lambug Camping and Resort: (+63)09398352965 or 032-2723682. rhoda_rasmussen@hotmail.com

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