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Terra Manna has been such a wonderful blessings to everyone! It has a lot of beautiful Zen spots each one of us can have when we go there. I’ve found my Zen spot there, but the most wonderful spot is in my heart…a timeless blessing that Terra Manna has also given to many people.

Recently, it has been a space in the creation of a timeless film, The Passion of Christ. It created imprints on the hearts and mind of the casts of the film, and will leave a legacy for everyone to remember the sufferings and the love of our Greatest Provider, our God. Almost everyone knows what the film is all about, but it will help us remember and feel once again that ” in the midst of sufferings, love prevails and changes everything”.

I feel blessed to have been part of that film.(~_~)….

Here’s to your timeless blessings!


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