Whoaaa!!!!!….you hear the kids belting out in excitement seeing and enjoying the pumpkin bags with lots of candies…or some screams at the top of their lungs if mommy won’t allow them to eat those Halloween candies. What is the fun for if these lovely cute kids won’t be given the chance to enjoy it. “Forget about the monster toothache that keeps on popping up every time some kids take a good magnetic look at a candy bar”.” Never mind your Dentist’s advice…he can always fix it anyway, anytime.” –these are just some of the mind-boggling thoughts parents could be having and even kids could be having during the Halloween when it is time for those Halloween pumpkin candy bags. But one thing is for sure after the Halloween….


Kid’s enjoyed it…to the max!…..and just be thankful for your very good and caring family  Dentist.

Anyway, sometimes we like their cute-candy-effect-smile. (~_~)

Here’s to your sweet blessed Halloween!


Eat, Love, Pray…your way

It’s been on the billboards, on a lot of movie theaters, on the bookstore…on your inbox, wall page and it’s not just a Tweet on the web but it seems like everyone’s tweeting like a bird as they talk so much about it…..”Eat, Love,  Pray”  There’s a book version and a movie version. But what is your “own” version?

These words : “Eat, Love, Pray” came to my mind as a very challenging day surprised me with a-not-so-amazing situation. Someone has thrown us (me and my dear colleagues)  a few statements many would consider such a verbal abuse. Standing up to our spiritual views and beliefs, we opted to stay quiet and just let it pass. At the end of the day, we asked ourselves ” Have we reacted right or wrong?” ….Oh somebody said we have chosen “peace” than”courage”…..it maybe right or wrong, but somehow it has helped each of us to end the day enjoying the blessings of God. We still joyfully eat, we have managed to love…and tonight, we still continue to pray…the same way.

I still can hear God’s whisper for me today:  “Relax, I’ve got everything under control”….what a reassuring tap on a shoulder, right?

This is still a blessed day! (~_~)

Path of Joy

Text message from a friend:

” Obeying God sometimes seems like the hardest road to take, but in the long run it is the only lifestyle that brings real peace and genuine joy.”

I agree, and more blessings follows when we are one with the  Creator.

Have a blessed week.(~_~)

Wishes Do Come True

Yes, it does!

I have long been wishing that my work will be free from “night duties”. That I’ll be just working the regular working hours so that I’ll be with my family every night. However,  God works so mysteriously!  Tonight is the night! a very wonderful blessed night!…. the first night of the succeeding blessed nights!… After 8 years of waiting for the wish to be granted , it was given to me through a person who’s been a daily challenge for me to like. I was  blessed!…. through this Goliath of my life!…..This makes me so thankful about the guy.

“God, thanks for bringing that person into my life, for the challenges, for the agony it brings for every encounter , every meeting, and for the blessings it has brought me and  for keeping it coming….although through that Goliath….it is still a blessing from You.”

I’ll keep on praying and wishing….for it always becomes a blessings.

Blessed day ever! (~_~)

Bonding means…a Sunday

No rush…nothing much to do…tomorrow’s holiday …and so most of the plans is to go somewhere…too near…or far away…but I believe..what matters most is… —this:

…you captured the moment, and you’re enjoying it.

I may have missed the plan of going to a Sunday mass today…but being with my family (my husband, my kids, my parents, nephews and niece, and my in-laws)… those bonding moments with them..is also feeling the love of the Divine.

Family bonding is…the presence of God.

What a blessed Sunday!(~_~)

An Angel Talked To Me!

“…when problems come our way..we fuss, fume, and frown at the daily difficulties–not knowing that a few years later, many of these problems will become our greatest blessings.
All it takes is God–and a little bit of time.”

This is an excerpt from the book of Bo Sanchez Thank God He’s Boss.

I’ve read that line already the other night but it didn’t touch my heart that much as it did last night when I opened again the book and my eyes landed first thing on that same page.

Yes, last night  was an extra blessed night. I’ve finally found out the owner of  that crumpled paper with Godwhispers  on it . https://essenceofblessings.wordpress.com/2010/06/04/whispers-inside-a-crumpled-paper/ I thanked her for that and told her that she was used by God for me to received a daily gift of God’s wisdom through email. I had a great talk with Mona last night, she’s been an angel in disguise. And it happened again.

All of us have some challenges in life .  I shared mine. She said , it is  God’s blessing to me. Slowly on my way to dreamland last night, I was digesting what she had just said, and I realized , it is so true. Because if not of that challenge or our  Goliath (as Bo said), I wouldn’t be seeking for a more spiritual answers to the challenges of life, I wouldn’t have found out about Bo who has great teachings about God and led me back to my spiritual space in a better sitting position so that I’ll be able to have a better view of my Creator, I wouldn’t be able to find out about the angel that God has used to let me know more about Him, and for the second time, He used her again to tell me something  very important, that God has given me a great blessing . It was just covered unjustly, ugly, and so petty, so that when the time has come for me to find out of that blessing, that it will a very joyful moment of realization. which was last night.

I thank God for His love, for his blessings, for His Angel in disguise.  My Goliath is God’s blessing to me.

What a blessed night!(~_~)

I recently have just finished a very wonderful book which I consider to be my new bestfriend. Doesn’t mean that I will forget about my other bestfriends, it’s just that I feel the need of the reminder and advise from that book.

I’ve watched the film “ The Secret” , and just like the others, I was moved by that. But….oh,  a BIG  “BUT”….I feel like there’s something more to the message of the film that wasn’t thoroughly discussed and explored.  I just don’t know what it was.  But…again…I always ask myself, how come not everything I ask is given yet in the film it said that you just ask, and you will have the manifestation of your desires.

I left on the side the question “why” and “what else”? Until recently, someone told me to buy and read the book written by Ester and Abraham Hicks: Money and The Law of Attraction.

Wow! if the film The Secret has moved me, with this book, I was more than once blown away! From that book…I’ve found out the answer to my question, the deepest secret of the film “The Secret”. Of course, I wouldn’t divulge it here on my blog….”It’s a secret ” that readers of the book will find out.

I am so blessed to be able to have my new bestfriend!…at all times…anytime!

Blessings and prosperity to one and all!(~_~)