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Whoaaa!!!!!….you hear the kids belting out in excitement seeing and enjoying the pumpkin bags with lots of candies…or some screams at the top of their lungs if mommy won’t allow them to eat those Halloween candies. What is the fun for if these lovely cute kids won’t be given the chance to enjoy it. “Forget about the monster toothache that keeps on popping up every time some kids take a good magnetic look at a candy bar”.” Never mind your Dentist’s advice…he can always fix it anyway, anytime.” –these are just some of the mind-boggling thoughts parents could be having and even kids could be having during the Halloween when it is time for those Halloween pumpkin candy bags. But one thing is for sure after the Halloween….


Kid’s enjoyed it…to the max!…..and just be thankful for your very good and caring family¬† Dentist.

Anyway, sometimes we like their cute-candy-effect-smile. (~_~)

Here’s to your sweet blessed Halloween!


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