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Terra Manna has been such a wonderful blessings to everyone! It has a lot of beautiful Zen spots each one of us can have when we go there. I’ve found my Zen spot there, but the most wonderful spot is in my heart…a timeless blessing that Terra Manna has also given to many people.

Recently, it has been a space in the creation of a timeless film, The Passion of Christ. It created imprints on the hearts and mind of the casts of the film, and will leave a legacy for everyone to remember the sufferings and the love of our Greatest Provider, our God. Almost everyone knows what the film is all about, but it will help us remember and feel once again that ” in the midst of sufferings, love prevails and changes everything”.

I feel blessed to have been part of that film.(~_~)….

Here’s to your timeless blessings!


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” I pray and declare God’s protection, guidance and direction as you face the challenge of the day , and let His peace and joy be upon you. Rejoice for God is with you.”

I received this text from a friend as i was contemplating on the picture of my daughter wherein her position in the photo created a mirror image on the wall , and coincidentally the image that was formed was like a Virgin Mary ( actually, it’s a light reflection from the mirror to the wall).  It was Easter Sunday then, and she was about to render a song  “Note to God ” for the opening of what i would say a holistic paradise.  Im not being superstitious nor i would like to sound irrational, but i personally believe, in every moment of our lives, God is there. He talks to us in many different ways and sends message in a way we least expect it.  I personally perceived the coincidence as a Divine message such as the meaning of that text message.

What a Divine day ( Easter Sunday), with a Divine song (Note to God), and a Divine coincidence!

Let there be more blessings every second of the day!

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Nothing can stop God in fulfilling His purpose in your life. So hope in God and trust His plan for you”

This is such a healthy reminder for the soul. Thanks to a friend who texted this to me today.

Heaven bless you!

Photo taken at Badian, Cebu

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tiny heartrock


What would you think or feel when you see a tiny rock like this? 


Easter Sunday , My daughter and I were in a place where harmony, peace and love is at the top of our emotions. It’s a new beautiful resort of my very dear friend. It was such a blessed Sunday at the Terra Manna. That morning we were all talking a lot about love, family and  relationships. I heard a lot of meaningful wisdom from my friend while we were having breakfast together. I’m grateful to have known someone who have such a pure golden heart.    

After our meal, my daughter and I walked around and down the hill we sat  under a big tree. After a while ,she suddenly saw this tiny piece of rock and noticed its crosswise cut with a red mark that shaped like a heart and she delightfully gave it to me. What a beautiful tiny rock!…… 

This time as i’m writing this, im thinking maybe i can make this tiny rock a pendant or make it  my personal seal, or both…as suggested by some dear friends. 

Thanks be to God for the big and tiny blessings!

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A very dear friend was walking along the grassfield suddenly noticed this heart-shaped stone. Maybe soon to be a part of the “proposal garden” spot in her private resort.

Heart in A Paradise

At times, in our life, we get this feeling that we wanted to quit..we wanted to change the path we are presently heading on. It was during those times that we ask too many questions…and we just can’t find the answers. We keep walking…slowly…unsure of every step. Those are the moments that we feel we just needed a friend, and it was during those times that God sent me a  very special friend, in soul, and in spirit, and He sent me a message which made me realized things clearly.My friend and I know a special chemistry of a true friendship is flourishing. We may not be at all times seeing each other, nor sending notes through this new techy world…..we both know in our hearts our friendship continuously communicates through the boundless space of His creation.

It’s great privilege for me that this friend of mine shared to me one of her dreams in helping humanities explore the goodness of life through the gift of nature.

We are all blessed!

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