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Gifted Teens

Everyone is unique, and each one of us has a creative gift that is bound to be explored at the right time and the right space. It is such a music to someone’s ear and a good sight to behold observing teens when a Divine gift showered on them is being used for the best interest of the day….such as creating an extra-ordinary wonderful summer by jamming together with friends, have some gigs as they use those  creative talents in their teenage activities.

I am grateful for the gifts and talents God has placed on my child Monica, and especially thankful that He is sending her friends  with similar interest and that would inspire her in nurturing God’s given gift.

More blessings to these teens!


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” I pray and declare God’s protection, guidance and direction as you face the challenge of the day , and let His peace and joy be upon you. Rejoice for God is with you.”

I received this text from a friend as i was contemplating on the picture of my daughter wherein her position in the photo created a mirror image on the wall , and coincidentally the image that was formed was like a Virgin Mary ( actually, it’s a light reflection from the mirror to the wall).  It was Easter Sunday then, and she was about to render a song  “Note to God ” for the opening of what i would say a holistic paradise.  Im not being superstitious nor i would like to sound irrational, but i personally believe, in every moment of our lives, God is there. He talks to us in many different ways and sends message in a way we least expect it.  I personally perceived the coincidence as a Divine message such as the meaning of that text message.

What a Divine day ( Easter Sunday), with a Divine song (Note to God), and a Divine coincidence!

Let there be more blessings every second of the day!

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