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The big fight is over but the world still feels the heat of the fight.  Everyone’s still talking about Pacquiao. If you’re in a very serene quiet place (like me right now), you could even hear the humming of the birds sounding like “Pacquiao“.  It’s a shout of the world.  But just a while ago,  I overheard a child whispering to his friend,”  why is Pacquiao so good that he always wins”.  Maybe he’s thinking that the King of the boxing ring has some kind of magic.  Has anyone ever really thought about that?  Well, I myself thought maybe there is really some secrets behind his winning. Oh, Maybe his name is energetically bound to let him have what he wants…to eat the “dots” just like PacMan, and his opponent are just like “dots” to him, (here goes again the child in me).  I’m not really keen on boxing games,  so my observation is not too deep.  However,  in my opinion, these are his winning secrets, (it’s actually his name, in acronyms!)

Motivation. Just looking back where he has started to reach the stardom and seeing the support of the millions of Filipinos who believes in him from beginning to the end of his fight, enough to keep him deeply motivated.

Athletic . Terribly good that many believes he is such  an athletic idol of the 21st century.

Notorious. He’s undefeated.

Noble. Dignified man in the name of boxing.

Youth. With such a great fight,  he does his best to maintain a youthful strength and vigor.

Passion. This is such a winning strategy in any field, simple because it comes from the heart.

Abdominal strength.  His “hara“,  considered to be  the vital center of man,  is strong.  Three energy centers of man resides in the belly area. With Pacman, this area is strengthened though his proper diet and exercise.

Creativity. He has his own craft of styles and strategies when he’s inside the ring,and this makes him a Champion of all times.

Queens. His wife and daughter , and his mom.  Such a great inspiration to a man.

Inspiration. He makes himself be always inspired to win the fight.

Auspicious. Very promising and luck never leaves his shoes.

Omnipotent  support. A strong faith  in God makes him all-powerful on the ringside.

Congratulations PacMan. Mabuhay Philippines!

We are blessed!


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