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Today is a day for the Queen of the House. Almost everyone tries to reminisce the goodness and the love blossoming and excessively outpouring  from  every mother’s  heart. I am now a mom myself for thirteen years and as the day is being celebrated , I strongly feel the wisdom I learned and observed  from each and every mom I’ve met along my journey to motherhood. Great qualities adorns every mommy. Love, courage, patience, sacrifice , understanding….name it and most mother possess it. However, what I observed ranks next to love is a mom’s quality and capacity to sacrifice.  A loving mother is round-the-clock willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of her children and her family. “I’d rather be hurt than see any of my kids get hurt” …is what we will mostly hear from a mom.  This “sacrifice” has rooted from God when He sacrificed to save us from our sins. This quality also makes a loving mother a good friend; sacrificing for the good of everyone to keep everything in order–creating love, peace and unity. But God is so good…sacrifices are being rewarded with supernatural favor in any different ways.

Charged to experience. Today I did not request for a day off from work considering it’s Mother’s day, letting my colleagues have  the chance to have their day with their families. I am a person who loves to celebrate every single occasion, especially if it is about for the family. I consider today as more than just a family day. However  I am bound to do my duty at work.  But God has a gift to me. Today I received some  gifts  (books, health DVD, and some religious notes and items ) from a couple  i believe was sent by Him to make it an extraordinary wonderful day at work! What a grateful day!  God has made my day!

To my mom, my mom-in-law, and to all the mothers on this planet Earth….may God continue to shower you with blessings as you unselfishly give everything  of yourself to your beloved family.

Happy Mother’s day!


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” I pray and declare God’s protection, guidance and direction as you face the challenge of the day , and let His peace and joy be upon you. Rejoice for God is with you.”

I received this text from a friend as i was contemplating on the picture of my daughter wherein her position in the photo created a mirror image on the wall , and coincidentally the image that was formed was like a Virgin Mary ( actually, it’s a light reflection from the mirror to the wall).  It was Easter Sunday then, and she was about to render a song  “Note to God ” for the opening of what i would say a holistic paradise.  Im not being superstitious nor i would like to sound irrational, but i personally believe, in every moment of our lives, God is there. He talks to us in many different ways and sends message in a way we least expect it.  I personally perceived the coincidence as a Divine message such as the meaning of that text message.

What a Divine day ( Easter Sunday), with a Divine song (Note to God), and a Divine coincidence!

Let there be more blessings every second of the day!

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