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What a great pleasure for me to meet one of the next of kin of the people who brought Spam to this world. . I’m staying away from canned foods now in the advocacy for a healthier  diet and lifestyle. However, Spam is my fave canned food! Anyone who dare to give me a can of Spam…so sorry, say it rubbish, but it’s quite irresistible for me…I’ll take it, cook it and eat it immediately for my next meal. ( thanks that I can do detoxification after this (~_~) )

But anyway, I’m just glad and honored that I’ve met this very wonderful couple, the guy is a Royal blood of “Spammers”(makers of Spam canned food)….and what was amazing was that the wife is a distant relative of my mother! We both have the same middle name and so we traced back our family roots and voila!….we’re related!…..what an amazing day it was!  In respect for their privacy, I chose not to post our photos together. (I’ve been thinking over on this posting of  my photos with them, that’s why it took me a few weeks before I finally decided to blog about them.)  I’m just so happy to share… I’ve met them….Mr and Mrs. Hormel. …and I will never forget Mrs. Hormel’s “deep smile in her heart“.  

SPAM is not always SPAM….it comes too as a blessing….in a very delicious way….”Hormel’s Spam”!


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