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I still enjoy coffee, especially when I’m having it with my dear one.  But i don’t drink coffee when it’s too hot , I always wanted to enjoy its warmth as I slowly sip and take pleasure from its flavor and aroma.

As I was delightfully having a coffee bonding moment with my husband ( again at  Cafe 78 Lipa … I like this cozy, cool place)….and as I was taking a full bite of my tacos while waiting for my coffee to cool a bit, like a child we got amazed with the formed foam of cream on top of my cup of coffee….it was like a flower!……we first thought the shop did it in purpose, as their way of making their place a unique one in the midst of the rising coffee shops and restaurant in the Philippines, but they did not, yet it was served with a blossoming smile.  Then I noticed…. my husband and I were just both enjoying the present moment…and I believe it was a blissful one. No stress…but just seeing what is nice in a moment of “now“.  Too shallow some would say, but this makes bonding time healthier.

Take pleasure of what the moment of “now” can give you……Stop for a while and joyfully nourish the present moment.

…and live a blessed life! (~_~)


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