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There are moments in life when we feel we need a space and time to be alone, to reflect and just get in touch with yourself and with nature.    


The Farm at Lipa City,Batangas http://www.thefarm.com.ph

Once in a year, Lenten season comes.  Before I started to understand what that season  really is ..…I’ve somehow always felt the energy of it. During those times in my younger years, Holy week was a time when no one was supposed to be doing laundry, not to eat heavy, especially not to eat meat…which I really hardly understood the reason why.  Being just a child then, mealtime means meat time. But because we respect the elders, we do as they say:” It’s Holy week, refrain from eating your hotdogs and meatloaf!”    

So young as I was, seeing people sacrificing, enduring the pain while purposely hurting themselves on the their back, on their faces that is  made in the image of God, as they  try to imitate the sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ, some questions sprouted from my very young mind back then.    

Being engaged now mostly in the beauty of nature, sharing and understanding the essence of what the nature can bring, helping people to increase their awareness on their health, all these has led me more in my path in finding some of the answers to my childhood questions related to Lenten season.    

As I reside myself in the environment where detoxification is holistically being practiced, I begin to understand more that Lent is a time where we can really practice a spiritual detox. When someone starts to cleanse himself on the physical, emotional and mental level, a heightened awareness on the spiritual level becomes clearer. In the same way when someone starts to be more spiritual, an improved consciousness on emotions and mental body becomes apparent. That’s why you would often hear it from family or friends when you just came from a retreat : “you’re the nicest person living on this planet Earth!”  All this happen because, we also try to free ourselves from the toxic moments around us, by being off from work, by eating healthier and to those on a detoxification program, by being just on juice fast the whole day. During Lent, fasting from meat increases our consciousness to our higher being, simply because, we free ourselves from any form of animal protein and just consume what is whole and available by nature. We also try to find time in solitude, and during those quiet times we find answers.    

We have ways to cleanse our body, and our spirit. During Lent, it is being realized more and maximized by many Catholics.  

Kamay Ni Hesus, Lucban,Quezon

Religious places around are too many to see. But there are some places where you could just sit, relax, engage yourself with nature and your Creator. This place can be anywhere as long as you find that space and time of being one with  Him. It can even be just in the privacy of your own home. 

Your home, your sanctuary , your heart ….is your space for Him. That space is blessed.    

Lent…is a time for us to remember all the sacrifices of our God for us, to give us the motivation for a spiritual cleansing.    

Let us always remember in the midst of our cleansing, we are blessed!   


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