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It’s been a while and so many small and big blessings came that they were so many I had a hard time to choose which ones to post. So I decided, I pause for a while and just meditate on those blessings and post them later. To start again…one of the those many blessings is the union of my brother and his behalf.  It was the first time for our family to attend a Christian  wedding and the event has touched the hearts of the family and the guests as well.  Tears of joy overflowed and filled our hearts with smiles.

The wedding tells us that only two words is the most important words to be heard at that time, but those two words will create too many blessings for everyone around. Blessings of joy, of fun, of bonding, of peace, of happiness and assurance that all is well…and that blessed moment is lifted up to Him.  Oh,  what a multiple blessings!

Here’s to your blessed dreams!
and Congratulations to JepNie!


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Been around the web for a year now and I’m still learning! I learned about “trackback” today, thanks to this site http://www.homebusinesswiz.com/2007/03/how-to-make-a-trackback-on-a-blog-simple-instructions.html
. It’s an old one but still very useful.

I’ve been a bit busy with my other blogs, it’s quite a blessing to learn more about blogging. Thank s that there are blogging summits being held here in the Philippines! There’s the iBlog7 and iBlog6 Philippine Blogging Summit sometime on April, 2011. So I’ve written a post about that here http://landmarkthoughts.blogspot.com/2011/02/7th-philippine-blogging-summit.html

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Anyway, for added details, please see http://iblogph.org/2011/01/29/call-for-speakers-and-topics-for-iblog7/

Here’s to your blessed blogging day!

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Ever had the chance when nature tries to get your attention through this colorful spectrum of light appearing as an arc in the sky?

My 4 year-old son is so amazed seeing for the first time a complete arc of a rainbow, he immediately called his cousins to show such a great sight.  For kids…it is the reality of what they just see from the story books and cartoon TV shows.

How great to capture this moment so that when the kids grew up, they have a remembrance of their first sight of a complete ROYGVIB arc.

Seeing this multicolored arc is a a message that tells hope …as what everybody knows….but more than that, the nature just told me the following :

  • to be in the “now”…(I’ve  just received an article early morning today reminding me about this “gift of now”)
  • that at the end of the day, the beauty of a moment prevails
  • to wake up the child in me and enjoy this optical phenomenon of the universe
  • reminding me that summer is almost over , the dry season will be soon replaced with the much awaited rain…just  be prepared for the storms.
  • that today …is another blessed day! (~_~)

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My daughter, she’s a blessing to me. Her voice is a blessing to her.

Grateful to be blessed!

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Around 7:25PM tonight (Philippine time) ,  i got a call from my husband telling me to take a look at the moon ( he knows I love this kind of thing)…..and there i saw the Planet Venus shining brightly as it is almost sitting on top of the crescent moon!…what a great sight!

Of course I made a wish, as what I usually do for the first big star i see at night.

I don’t have a high tech camera but I feel blessed , with my Digicam I was able to catch such a rare celestial phenomenon!

This is another day that the Lord has made…another beautiful event of nature.

What a blessed day!

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Today is a day for the Queen of the House. Almost everyone tries to reminisce the goodness and the love blossoming and excessively outpouring  from  every mother’s  heart. I am now a mom myself for thirteen years and as the day is being celebrated , I strongly feel the wisdom I learned and observed  from each and every mom I’ve met along my journey to motherhood. Great qualities adorns every mommy. Love, courage, patience, sacrifice , understanding….name it and most mother possess it. However, what I observed ranks next to love is a mom’s quality and capacity to sacrifice.  A loving mother is round-the-clock willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of her children and her family. “I’d rather be hurt than see any of my kids get hurt” …is what we will mostly hear from a mom.  This “sacrifice” has rooted from God when He sacrificed to save us from our sins. This quality also makes a loving mother a good friend; sacrificing for the good of everyone to keep everything in order–creating love, peace and unity. But God is so good…sacrifices are being rewarded with supernatural favor in any different ways.

Charged to experience. Today I did not request for a day off from work considering it’s Mother’s day, letting my colleagues have  the chance to have their day with their families. I am a person who loves to celebrate every single occasion, especially if it is about for the family. I consider today as more than just a family day. However  I am bound to do my duty at work.  But God has a gift to me. Today I received some  gifts  (books, health DVD, and some religious notes and items ) from a couple  i believe was sent by Him to make it an extraordinary wonderful day at work! What a grateful day!  God has made my day!

To my mom, my mom-in-law, and to all the mothers on this planet Earth….may God continue to shower you with blessings as you unselfishly give everything  of yourself to your beloved family.

Happy Mother’s day!

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Gifted Teens

Everyone is unique, and each one of us has a creative gift that is bound to be explored at the right time and the right space. It is such a music to someone’s ear and a good sight to behold observing teens when a Divine gift showered on them is being used for the best interest of the day….such as creating an extra-ordinary wonderful summer by jamming together with friends, have some gigs as they use those  creative talents in their teenage activities.

I am grateful for the gifts and talents God has placed on my child Monica, and especially thankful that He is sending her friends  with similar interest and that would inspire her in nurturing God’s given gift.

More blessings to these teens!

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