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I recently have just finished a very wonderful book which I consider to be my new bestfriend. Doesn’t mean that I will forget about my other bestfriends, it’s just that I feel the need of the reminder and advise from that book.

I’ve watched the film “ The Secret” , and just like the others, I was moved by that. But….oh,  a BIG  “BUT”….I feel like there’s something more to the message of the film that wasn’t thoroughly discussed and explored.  I just don’t know what it was.  But…again…I always ask myself, how come not everything I ask is given yet in the film it said that you just ask, and you will have the manifestation of your desires.

I left on the side the question “why” and “what else”? Until recently, someone told me to buy and read the book written by Ester and Abraham Hicks: Money and The Law of Attraction.

Wow! if the film The Secret has moved me, with this book, I was more than once blown away! From that book…I’ve found out the answer to my question, the deepest secret of the film “The Secret”. Of course, I wouldn’t divulge it here on my blog….”It’s a secret ” that readers of the book will find out.

I am so blessed to be able to have my new bestfriend!…at all times…anytime!

Blessings and prosperity to one and all!(~_~)


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